Watch Fed Up and Take the 10-Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Watch Fed Up and Take the 10-Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Here at The Kids Cook Monday, we’re proud to be partnering with the documentary Fed Up, which premieres in theaters on Friday, May 9th. The film explores how processed foods and added sugar play a strong role in the epidemic of childhood obesity. Fed Up’s producers include Katie Couric and Laurie David (author of The Family Dinner and Oscar-winning producer of An Inconvenient Truth) and the film is directed by Stephanie Soechtig (Tapped).

We encourage you to check out the preview below and head to the theater as a family to view the film.

Of course, the film isn’t just for entertainment…it’s meant to inspire you to take action! Fed Up is encouraging everyone to sign up for the Fed Up Challenge, a community effort to go completely without sugar for 10 days, starting on May 12th.

We encourage you to participate in the challenge as a family in order to learn more about the processed food in your diet and how cooking together at home can help you cut out added sugar. Look for a special edition of our Family Dinner Date newsletter on May 9th — it will be dedicated to reading labels and choosing products without sugar.

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