The US Potato Board Joins The Kids Cook Monday

The US Potato Board Joins The Kids Cook Monday

What comes to mind when you think of potatoes? To be sure, fast food items that require little to no cooking such as French fries and potato chips come to mind, but potatoes also play a strong role in home cooking, whether it’s grandma’s mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner or a tortilla de patatas, one of the most popular home-cooked dishes in Spain.

That’s why we’re so excited that the US Potato Board has joined The Kids Cook Monday movement. We know that potatoes are a great food for kids to learn to prepare, so we asked our friends at the USPB to share a few of their favorite tips on whipping up potatoes as part of your next family meal:

The Kids Cook Monday: Why are potatoes a great food to cook with kids?

US Potato Board: Potatoes are a blank canvas, so they make a perfect home for a variety of flavors. They also serve as an ideal “gateway” vegetable to encourage kids to eat a rainbow of different veggies, including potatoes.Rainbow Potato Pancakes are a veggie-packed, kid-friendly potato-based dish. Kids may not even notice they’re getting a full cup of vegetables in each serving!

TKCM: We know kids love French fries, but what are some healthier ways to prepare potatoes that are great to do with kids?

USPB: Kids may especially enjoy cooking with colorful, bite-size petite potatoes – and mom will like them too, for their quicker cook time. One recipe that kids can help prepare is Fiesta Potato Smashers, with colorful petite potatoes – kids will love to do the “smashing” part!  Or, for the kid who loves French fries, try a fresh twist with Family Favorite Baked Fries,

TKCM: What can you tell us about the role of potatoes in family meals?

USPB: Potatoes are a perfect vegetable to serve when you need to customize a family meal for varied tastes. Try a baked potato bar – it’s easy to bake or microwave a few Russets, and then set out a variety of different toppings so everyone can select their own. Sometimes, toppings may even include leftover protein or veggies from the night before!

Potatoes are a natural, fresh and nutrition-packed vegetable: one medium-size, skin-on potato has just 110 calories per serving, more potassium than a banana and provides almost half the daily value of vitamin C with no fat, sodium or cholesterol. That’s why they deserve a place on the family dinner table.

Will you be cooking with potatoes this week? Check out this recent edition of our newsletter featuring a delicious potato frittata recipe, find out more from, and stay tuned for more recipes and resources from this exciting partnership!

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