The Simple Action That Helps Children Make Better Food Choices

The Simple Action That Helps Children Make Better Food Choices

By Alice Knisley Matthias—

What is one simple step to make sure your children will grow up to make smart food choices, get good grades in school, maintain a healthy weight, and be less likely to try drugs? It’s something as simple—and easy to pull off—as making dinner with your children in the kitchen and sitting down to a meal.

Remember the Meatless Monday movement I mentioned in this post as a healthy lifestyle choice?

There is another initiative under the umbrella of The Monday Campaigns to get children to work with family members in the household and help prepare the meal for dinner. Getting kids in the kitchen means exposing them to a variety of different meals made from scratch. They get to understand the journey of where their food comes from and how it makes it to the dinner plate.

The idea is to use the first day of the work/school week as a springboard to help prepare a meal in the kitchen, and share thoughts about the meal, in conversation at the table. It’s the first day of a new week and a positive way to get your week off to a good start.

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