The Kids Cook Monday Comes to Your Local Supermarket!

The Kids Cook Monday Comes to Your Local Supermarket!

Where do healthy, home-cooked meals start? At your local supermarket, of course! Supermarkets across the nation are the most convenient place to pick up the ingredients that you and your family will transform into the star of your family meals.


Diana shares KCM’s free resources at Oldways conference

But many grocery retailers are now seeking to become not only the places that sell healthy ingredients, but also the go-to local destination for reliable nutrition information from registered dietitians (RDs). Late last month, dietitians from nearly every large grocery chain in the nation descended on sunny St. Petersburg, FL for the annual Oldways Supermarket Dietitian Symposium. The RDs heard about the latest in nutrition research and the best practices of engaging customers in making healthy choices that stick.

The Kids Cook Monday’s staff dietitian Diana Rice was honored to present The Kids Cook Monday program and how it can serve retail dietitians at the symposium. In addition to our free weekly Family Dinner Date newsletter, The Kids Cook Monday provides free printable Family Dinner Date recipes that can be tailored to a retail outlet’s needs as well as advice and resources for starting family cooking classes.


Proud students show off after a KCM class at ShopRite

Our friends at ShopRite on the east coast have been sharing The Kids Cook Monday since 2013. Their in-store dietitians host Kids Cook Monday cooking classes and provide recipe printouts to customers in our signature Kid/Adult/Together format. We’ve also been proud to partner with ShopRite for special events, such as this collaboration with our friends at Produce for Kids. We love the great work ShopRite RDs are doing and we’re excited to welcome several other retailers to the movement:

Martins logo color Martin’s supermarkets (locations in Indiana and Michigan) is now offering a Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date printout to members of their Kids Club, who also receive a free produce item of the month! Read more about our work with Martin’s on the Martins website.
kroge Kroger, a grocery chain with many locations across the South and Midwest, is piloting Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date recipes in two Cincinnati stores.
giant-logo A Giant location in Pennsylvania is offering monthly Kids Cook Monday cooking classes. Parents and kids at the store recently cooked our Power Smoothies and Strawberry Brazil Nut Salad.

A warm thank you to our friends at Oldways for providing us with the opportunity to share The Kids Cook Monday program with the dietitians leading the way in helping consumers make healthy choices in stores around the country.

We hope you’ll soon find our resources in a grocery store near you!

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