The Kids Cook Friday with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

The Kids Cook Friday with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

We’re beyond excited to be partnering with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, which is this Friday, May 16th. Jamie’s goal is to get one million kids cooking his special Rainbow Salad Wrap, and that’s a goal we can definitely get behind!


Now wait just one minute…Food Revolution Day is a Friday! Not a problem – at The Kids Cook Monday, we’re all about getting kids in the kitchen any day of the week, we just happen to know that Monday is a great day to get cooking. Our research shows that when people start their weeks off engaging in a healthy behavior – like cooking with kids! – they are more likely to sustain the habit later in the week. So we’re excited to jump on board with a one-off “Food Revolution Day Kids Cook Friday” and we hope every participant is encouraged to cook with kids again on other days of the week.

To celebrate Food Revolution Day, we’ve got a bunch of exciting plans. We’ll be sending out a special Food Revolution Day edition of our weekly newsletter, The Family Dinner Date, early in the morning of May 16th. Our newsletter is designed to make cooking a weeknight dinner an exciting family experience, so we’ll not only feature Jamie’s Rainbow Salad Wrap recipe, but also include a few of Jamie’s videos, cooking tips, and activity sheets. And because the family that cooks together also eats together, we’ll include a fun “Family Dinner Conversation Starter” designed to spark a stimulating conversation around the family dinner table. Sign up to receive your own copy of The Family Dinner Date here!

As well, we’re encouraging all of our Kids Cook Monday bloggers to cook Jamie’s Rainbow Salad Wrap and post about it on their blogs. Check out our Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest pages to see what they come up with! And if you’d like to help further the mission of Food Revolution Day by joining The Kids Cook Monday movement as one of our Bloggers on Board, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re also excited that some of our stateside partners, like the culinary and nutrition education provider Veggiecation, will be hosting Food Revolution Day events in the U.S. Check out our social media pages to see what they’re up to as well!

So spread the word and check out all the resources available over at Food Revolution Day. We’re looking forward to cooking with you!

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