The Farm-to-Campfire Experience

The Farm-to-Campfire Experience

By Diana K. Rice, RD –

As a registered dietitian and staff member of The Kids Cook Monday, I’ve seen firsthand how efforts to involve children in food production and preparation can influence them to make healthy choices. Much of my work involves school-based efforts to teach these skills, but with all of the other academic learning objectives students must meet, I know that it can be difficult to find time during the school day to give kids truly enriching food-related experiences.

Camp, on the other hand, provides an ideal setting for the full farm-to-table (or campfire!) experience. I fondly recall cooking “stone soup” over the fire as a young camper and later, as a counselor. These experiences undoubtedly contributed to my current passion for home cooking, so I’ve been thrilled to discover the in-depth cooking and gardening experiences many camps currently offer to help children develop an appreciation for the food they eat every day. As one camper told Grant Bullard, the owner and director of Gwynn Valley Camp, “I never realized how much energy goes into making food!”

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