Tomato Pops

Tomato Pops

Cooking meets crafting in this delightful recipe in which the classic caprese salad is served skewered on a wooden spear. Kids will have fun picking their favorite arrangement of cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. Once you get the hang of assembling these tomato pops, try dunking them in dips like pesto, hummus or your favorite salad dressing. This recipe comes to us from Jennifer Tyler Lee of Crunch-A-Color.

Kid:  Remove the green tops from the cherry tomatoes, wash them in a colander and transfer to a medium mixing bowl.

Kid: Pick about 30 basil leaves off the bunch of fresh basil and add them to the bowl as well.

Kid: Drain the mozzarella balls from their packing oil and transfer them to the same mixing bowl.

Together:  Slowly pour the oil onto the tomato-mozzarella mixture while mixing with large wooden spoons to ensure the oil is evenly distributed. Season with the kosher salt, stirring to ensure ingredients are evenly seasoned.

Together:  Spear the veggies and cheese onto the skewers, alternating between tomatoes, mozzarella and basil several times per spear. Arrange the tomato pops artfully in a vase and enjoy!

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