Savory Green Onion Pancakes

Savory Green Onion Pancakes

Savory pancakes? Believe it or not, many cultures  enjoy dishes like this, such as French crepes, which can be either savory or sweet. This Asian-inspired recipe comes to us from Chef Hollie Greene, creator of The Joyful 12, an online kitchen learning lab for parents and kids.

Serves 4

Cooking Tip of the Week: Store green onions in the refrigerator in a plastic bag for up to five days. Clean just before use, by trimming off the hairy root and the very tip of the green tops. The entire onion, from the white base to green top, can be eaten.

Food for Thought: Chinese five spice powder is a staple of Chinese cooking. It’s known for its sweet and spicy flavor. It usually contains a mixture of ground star anise (pictured), cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds and Szechuan peppers, although it sometimes also contains ginger or cloves. It can usually be found in the spice section of any grocery store, or you can try making your own.

Family Dinner Conversation Starter: What is something that you need a grown-up’s help for now but hope to soon be able to do by yourself?


Get Organized:
Together: Take 5 minutes to get out all your ingredients, measuring and cooking equipment needed, and place them on a cookie sheet within easy reach.
Kid: Make the sauce that can be drizzled on top of pancakes by combining all ingredients in a bowl and stirring together.
Together: Cut the green onions into small discs. Set aside a few green tops to be used to sprinkle over pancakes when you serve them.
Adult: Preheat oven to 325F, to keep cooked pancakes warm while you finish cooking all the batter.

To Cook:
Together:  In a bowl beat the egg together with the coconut milk and sesame oil.
Kid: In a separate bowl, combine the Chinese five spice and salt with the pancake four.
Together: Add the pancake flour and spices to the egg mixture gradually, stirring to combine.
Kid: Stir in the cut green onions into the batter.
Adult: In a nonstick pan, heat enough coconut oil in the pan to just cover the bottom of the pan.
Adult: Use a spoon to place 1-2 pancakes into the pan. Cook over medium-high heat. Look for bubbles on the outside of the pancakes. Flip and cook another minute.
Adult: Hold finished pancakes in a warm oven on a cookie sheet.
Kid: Serve with a dollop of sour cream (optional but yummy), extra green onions, and the sauce on the side, which can be drizzled over.

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