Crisp Greens and Grains Salad

Crisp Greens and Grains Salad

Hearty greens, whole-wheat grains and refreshing veggies come together in this salad which delights the tongue with a variety of contrasting flavors and textures. Adults can prepare their favorite grain and chop the produce while the kids have fun shaking lemon vinaigrette together in a jar. Only the stems from Swiss chard are used here, so save the leaves to sauté and serve as a side dish at your next family dinner. This recipe has been adapted from a recipe by Kirstin Uhrenholdt of The Family Dinner Book Blog.

Ages 8-11

Combine the lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, parmesan and salt together in a jar with a tight fitting lid. Close the jar and shake vigorously until well mixed.

Together: Place the quinoa, kale, Swiss chard stems, spinach, radishes, cucumber, apple, avocado, mint, dill, croutons and parmesan together in a large salad bowl. Toss with the dressing to taste, taking care to ensure all ingredients are evenly distributed, and enjoy!

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