Classic Tomato Soup

Classic Tomato Soup

Sure, tomato soup from a can is tasty and quick, but this recipe is fast too and delivers double the flavor! This recipe comes to us from our friends at Tomato Wellness.

Cooking Tip of the Week: Be very careful when blending the soup – putting too much in the blender at once could cause a hot soup explosion! An immersion blender will also work.

Food for Thought: Flour isn’t just for making baked goods, it can also be used as a thickener! The starchy flour bonds with the oil in the recipe’s onion and olive oil mixture to form a gel. Then, when the tomatoes and broth are added, the gel thickens the liquid and gives the soup a hearty, thick texture. This process is called making a roux (“roo”), and it’s also used to make gravy and other sauces.

Family Dinner Conversation Starter: What do you like most about the person sitting to your left?

Adult: Heat olive oil in a medium heavy pot.

Together: Add onions and garlic and sauté over medium for 9 minutes.

Together: Stir in flour.

Together: Mix in tomatoes, broth, sugar, and thyme.

Kid: Season with black pepper and salt to taste.

Adult: Cover and simmer over medium for 40 minutes.

Together: Place small batches of soup into a blender container and blend until smooth, yet lumpy. Return to pot and reheat if necessary.

Kid: Serve immediately.

Tip: Try pairing this soup with our Chickpea Salad Sandwiches for a complete meal!

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