Make Monday Night Family Night With The Kids Cook Monday!

Make Monday Night Family Night With The Kids Cook Monday!

How many times a week does your family sit down to dinner together? We’re talking about meals where everyone actually sits around a table…not the TV. Go ahead and count meals of frozen options and takeout if you must – we’ll wait!

If we’re being honest, making family dinner a priority is a struggle for most American families. Between afterschool activities, late nights at the office and simply not having the time or energy to get something on the table, it can be hard to pull off, even when we’re fully aware of the benefits. By now you may know that research shows that children who eat dinner with their families regularly have more nutritious diets and healthier body weights, perform better academically and are more likely to resist trying drugs or alcohol. That’s pretty impressive!

Here at The Kids Cook Monday, we encourage parents and educators to cook with kids in every setting, whether that’s a leisurely baking project, a fun snack at school or an all-out family dinner. But because the positive effects of family dinners are so important to us, we’re ramping up our efforts to make the cooking experience easier for you. After all, the family that cooks together eats together!

From here on out, each new recipe we post on The Kids Cook Monday will be a simple, nutritious, plant-based family dinner option. We hope you’ll be encouraged by the idea that across the nation, many families just like you are cooking and enjoying the same meal together! And although we’re all about Mondays around here, we’ll be posting the recipes on Fridays so that you’ll have time to pick up the ingredients for Monday’s meal over the weekend – look out for reminders on Facebook and Twitter!

We’re also adding a fun new element to each of our family dinner recipes: “Food for Thought.” These are mini take-home messages designed to spur conversation about nutrition, cooking and family time.

Don’t worry – The Kids Cook Monday will remain an excellent resource for all types of cooking. Check out our recipe section, we’re always adding to it!

We hope you’ll commit to making Monday night family night with us. To demonstrate your commitment, why not head on over to our Facebook page and take the Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Pledge? And of course, we always love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts via FacebookTwitter, or Happy cooking!

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