Lessons from the Inaugural Family Dinner Conference

Lessons from the Inaugural Family Dinner Conference

On April 18, The Kids Cook Monday took part in the inaugural Family Dinner Conference in New York City, hosted by the organization Time at the Table. The event brought together activists, parents, bloggers and experts to share knowledge and practical advice on how to further the powerful practice of family dinners.

Dr. Grace Freedman, founder of the blog EatDinner.org, cited surprising research that family meals are appealing not just to younger children, but to seemingly aloof teenagers as well: 72% of teens say family dinner is important and 53% of teens say they want more family dinners, Dr. Freedman said.

She also shed some light on the ingredients that make up a quality family dinner, which include not feeling like the meal is rushed and a healthy dose of laughter around the table.

Other presenters offered practical tips on how to make family dinner nights like The Kids Cook Monday easier on already time-crunched parents and kids:

  • Grocery shop once a week, said Aviva Goldfarb of the popular blog The Six O’Clock Scramble.
  • Know in advance what meals you plan to make during the week ahead.
  • When cooking, get things done ahead of time and delegate whenever possible.
  • Let older children start prepping ingredients before parents get home from work.

As for The Kids Cook Monday, our partner Pam Koch, executive director of the Center for Food & Environment at Teachers College Columbia University, explained that The Kids Cook Monday offers several powerful tools to make family dinners a regular routine.

First off, the program simplifies the process of finding a time to dine together by making Monday the day, week in and week out. Then The Kids Cook Monday offers families resources like recipes and guidance for how to getchildren of different ages  involved with cooking.

What time-saving tips and tricks help make your Kids Cook Mondays easier? Tell us on Facebook.

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