Kids Cook Monday with a Side Order of Kindness!

Kids Cook Monday with a Side Order of Kindness!

Big-Hearted Families has teamed up with The Kids Cook Monday to share stories, activities with lessons of kindness, and kid-friendly recipes that the whole family will enjoy. The Big-Hearted Families Book Club, launching this week, is an easy way for families to learn and practice the art of compassion at home.

Starting this Monday, parents can subscribe to the Big-Hearted Families Book Club to receive one specially selected children’s book, one kindness activity and one Kids Cook recipe by mail each month. January’s edition includes an adaptation of The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, mission questions to get your family started on the road to kindness, and a connected Kids Cook Monday recipe for hearty Soba Noodles with Sesame Sauce and Steamed Veggies.

Big-Hearted Families is a project of Doing Good Together, a non-profit bringing awareness to the importance of raising caring kids by encouraging acts of kindness through volunteering. The Big-Hearted Families website includes all the tools you need to discuss kindness with your kids and pick a volunteer activitythat will resonate with the whole family.

The organization hopes that the new Book Club will transform family night by offering stories, activities and recipes that can serve as a spring-board for meaningful conversation. To bring the book club to your kitchen, simply subscribe to their monthly mailing, or follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter for contests and updates. You can also read about the available books and monthly activities by checking out theBig-Hearted Blog.

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