The Kids Cook Monday Goes to School!

The Kids Cook Monday Goes to School!

As Michelle Obama recently said in an interview with Cooking Light magazine:

[Family meals are] doable—people just need the training and the education.”

So in the spirit of helping parents and kids learn simple, useful and strategies to make family meals a regular healthy habit, The Kids Cook Monday is excited to partner with the PTA of The Samuel Mills Sprole School (P.S. 32) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn to kick off The Kids Cook Monday program.

We partnered with P.S. 32’s PTA Wellness Committee to hold a Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date and Culinary Kick-off event led by our staff dietitian Diana Rice. The event took place in the school cafeteria after the PTA’s monthly meeting.

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 080b

Diana helps students squeeze oranges for the vinaigrette dressing.

As students arrived, they had the opportunity to personalize their Kids Cook Monday chef hats. After a brief discussion of the many benefits of cooking and eating family dinners together, Diana launched into the recipes: Cherry Tomato Pasta and Roasted Beet Salad with Oranges.

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 127a

Families dress the salad together.

The kids in attendance had fun slicing cherry tomatoes and tearing up basil for the pasta as well as mixing up their own orange vinaigrette for the salad. Parents in the crowd conquered more the challenging tasks, like mincing garlic.

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 141a

Some students tried beets for the first time!

After the meal prep was through, everyone dug in to their pasta and salad and the kids received Junior Chef Awards for their participation. Each family went home with materials like The Kids Cook Monday’s free Family Dinner Date handouts and the evening concluded with a raffle for prizes like books and a giant stuffed carrot!

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 193a

One student shows off a well-deserved Junior Chef Award.

Many thanks to the Pam and the P.S. 32 Wellness Committee for their hard work in putting together the kick-off event. We look forward to helping you continue to promote the healthy habit of regular family meals throughout P.S. 32!

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 201a

Go team!

Are you a parent or teacher who is interested in bringing The Kids Cook Monday to your school? We’d love to help you create a culture of home cooking and family meals in your child’s learning environment. Contact us to get started!

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