First Family Dinner Conference Highlights The Kids Cook Monday

First Family Dinner Conference Highlights The Kids Cook Monday

Despite numerous studies showing the positive effects regular family dinners have on kids, the simple act of families dining together seems to be increasingly under threat. Work, homework, sports… the barriers to family meals are many and varied, making it harder and harder for American families to find time for each other.

But efforts are being made to turn the tide. One such effort is this week’s first-everFamily Dinner Conference, which will bring together parents, educators, authors, bloggers and nutrition experts to talk about the importance of family dinners. The April 18 conference at New York University is an opportunity for those promoting the various benefits of family dinners to share their best practices, tackle challenges and forge new ideas.

Hosted by the non-profit group Time at the Table, the day-long conference features an array of topical talks and discussions.

The Kids Cook Monday will be there along with partner Pam Koch, director of theCenter for Food and Environment at Teachers College, Columbia University. Koch will lead a talk titled “Make Family Night a Weekly Ritual,” which will highlight The Kids Cook Monday as a perfect vehicle to bring families together while also teaching kids the importance of healthy eating.

Other conference participants include Jenny Rosenstrach, author of the best-selling cookbook/memoir Dinner: A Love Story and Aviva Goldfarb of The Six O’Clock Scramble website and cookbook.

For more about the benefits of family dinners and ideas for easy meals to cook with kids, click here.

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