Announcing The Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date Newsletter!

Announcing The Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date Newsletter!

newsletter_150pxEach week at The Kids Cook Monday, we post a new recipe that’s perfect for cooking as a family. We also share lots of resources to make it easier for families cook together, such as cooking tasks for different age groups.

Now, to make the family cooking and dining experience even more fun and educational for the whole family, we’re offering the Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date Newsletter!

A Family Dinner Date is an exciting evening the whole family can look forward to. You’ll receive our Recipe of the Week in your inbox, along with:

  • Food for Thought: Fun, educational facts about the recipe, ingredients and type of cuisine.
  • Cooking Tip of the Week: Quick tips for simplifying weeknight cooking.
  • Featured Videos: Short videos demonstrating how to prepare some of the recipe’s ingredients.
  • Activity Sheets:  Printable worksheets to help kids learn more about cooking and nutrition.
  • Family Dinner Conversation Starters: To help foster enriching conversation once you sit down to your family meal.

The Family Dinner Date newsletter will be delivered on Fridays to give you plenty of time to pick up the necessary ingredients and get your family excited about their upcoming Monday night experience! Of course, we’ll also include convenient grocery list for your reference while shopping.

Sign up for the newsletter here. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Happy cooking!

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