Be careful that you don’t overstuff your burritos! Too much filling will make the burrito difficult to wrap. If you’re hungry for more, make another burrito!

Are refried beans fried once…and then fried again? Nope! In fact, the English term “refried beans” is a bit inaccurate. The term comes from the Spanish words for this food frijoles refridos. Frijoles means beans, but refridos actually means “cooked very well.” In fact, refried beans aren’t actually fried at all! They are cooked twice though, first by simmering in hot water and then with a little oil and seasonings after they are smashed up. It’s easy to find refried beans at the store, but they are also fun to “cook very well” at home, too!

What is something that you needed to do more than once to do it right? Maybe it was a homework assignment, learning to ride a bike or something else!