Resolve to Cook With Kids in 2014…Take the Pledge!

Think about what makes holiday meals so special in your home. We’re willing to bet that it’s not ordering takeout or eating on the run that come to mind! More than likely, it’s cooking up a favorite recipe and spending quality time around the family dinner table.

As 2014 rolls in, why not resolve to find more ways to bring that special feeling of togetherness into your day-to-day life? Making the commitment to cook and eat with kids on a weekly basis is a resolution that prioritizes quality family time, good eating habits and all of the social benefits that come along with family dinners, like feeling more connected to your children’s lives.

If you’re as excited about making this commitment as we are, why not head on over to our Facebook page and take the The Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Pledge? And by “sharing” our pledge graphic with your social circle, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to those who support you, which is an excellent way to make a resolution that sticks!

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