PBS Parents Invites Kids to Explore the Kitchen

PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers became the latest mover and shaker in The Kids Cook Monday movement, complete with a family friendly recipe for Apricot Baked Chicken. In the post introducing the campaign, Aviva Goldfarb writes about the dietary benefits of involving kids in the kitchen. “Learning some basic cooking skills can ensure that they don’t have to rely on packaged foods and restaurants when we’re no longer cooking for them.” Goldfarb even points out a rarely talked about benefit to cooking with kids: how helpful your little chefs can be. Cooking with kids “can even give us (parents) a break in the kitchen once they get more experienced at cooking and cleaning.”

Goldfarb founded the recipe newsletter The Six O’Clock Scramble, providing 5 healthy recipes every week which families can cook in 30 minutes or less. Try her Japanese Vegetable Noodle Soup and watch how much fun your little ones have stirring noodles as they get cook or squeezing lime into the delectable broth. With such delicious, fun, family recipes so readily available, Goldfarb inquires, “Why not get your kids into the kitchen with you at least once a week?”

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