Join the Food Revolution and Bring The Kids Cook Monday to Your School!

Worldwide, there are more than 42 million children under the age of five who are overweight or obese. -Jamie Oliver

We help families adopt the healthy habits of cooking with kids and regular family dinners here at The Kids Cook Monday for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is because these habits can help parents and kids alike maintain healthy body weights. Staying at a healthy weight, along with other healthy habits such as regular physical activity, is one of the best ways to prevent diet and lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Food Revolution Day_1176That’s why we’re working with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day to help call attention to the importance of nutritious, healthy food for every parent and child. This year, Jamie is raising awareness to bring mandatory food education to schools around the world to inspire and educate kids on make healthy food choices every day. Because when kids learn about nutritious foods, guess what? They choose to eat less junk food and actually start to prefer the taste of healthy choices!

Some countries, like England, Mexico, Brazil and Japan already require that students learn about food right alongside math, science and reading. But many other countries, including the United States, do not. So if you want to see food education in every school in the United States, sign Jamie’s petition and make your voice be heard!

PS 32 PTA Kids Cook Monday 141aIn the meantime, The Kids Cook Monday wants to help schools become a place where food education begins and continues into the home environment. We’re working with PTA Wellness Committees to host family dinner kick-off events at schools and then distribute free Kids Cook Monday resources such as our Family Dinner Date newsletter week after week to help families sustain the healthy habit of cooking and eating together. Contact us to learn more.


Also check our our featured recipe this week, Jamie Oliver’s Squash It Sandwich! It’s a great recipe to cook together as a family.


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