“Families that Eat Together, Stay Together,” says Nutrition Expert


Sweet Potato Smoothie

An advocate of the Monday campaigns, Bonnie Taub-Dix takes advantage of the back-to-school season by asking parents to take responsibility for their kids’ nutrition during the school year.  The article suggests creative ways to get kids more involved in the kitchen like, “assign each child a day to pick what’s for dinner and let them plan the menu and become your sous chef.” Bonnie believes that “teaching your children about healthy eating and food preparation is a valuable lesson they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

Just like Bonnie, The Kids Cook Monday campaign promotes cooking and eating with your family.  Kids Cook Monday focuses on the first day of the week to help kids feel empowered and educated about food and nutrition. Cooking with your kids can help them develop a broader palette – if your child helps you cook a new and healthy ingredient, he or she is more likely to try it.

Family cooking isn’t only a way to ensure healthier eating.  Cooking with kids can support their academics, as they practice fractions, chemistry, measuring, problem solving and even budgeting every time they help to produce a family meal.  And sharing the meal you cooked together is good for your children as well. As Bonnie says in her article, “Regular family table time has [also] been associated with higher grades and lower rates of substance abuse and depression in children.”  Cooking and eating together are simply great ways for families to connect and stay healthy.

The article also gives quick and healthy breakfast recipes as well as tips on smart snacking.   Read her full article online here.

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