Munch a New Food Every Week with Crunch a Color!

Like many parents, Jennifer Tyler Lee wanted to encourage her children to eat healthier without making it feel like a chore. She devised a fun game that awarded points for eating balanced meals, with bonus points for trying new foods. Since then, Crunch a Color — The Healthy Eating Game has been recommended by nutritionists, featured by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and named one of the best children’s products of 2011.

On the Crunch a Color blog, the Tyler Lee family takes their challenge to eat healthier one step further by committing to a new ingredient every week. To parents who say that their kids are too picky to embrace this idea, Tyler Lee recommends letting children pick the main ingredient themselves, search for it at the market, and help out preparing the meal. The “you choose, we make it together” helps children feel in control while trying something new, which makes the challenge exciting instead of scary.

Turn healthy eating into a fun family activity this week! Try one of the recipe ideas on the Crunch a Color blog, pick up a copy of the game, or brainstorm your own way to make nutritious meals exciting. To get even more out of your time around the table, you can also try Crunch a Color Conversation Starters, which includes 104 kid-inspired conversation starters and tips to get your whole family talking!