This recipe only uses half a ball of pre-made pizza dough. Did you know you can freeze the rest for later? Just place the remaining dough in a sealed bag in the freezer. When you want to cook with it, make sure it is completely thawed and at room temperature.


Is pizza really pizza if it doesn’t have any tomato sauce? Of course! Pizza is the Italian word for “pie” so saying that it has to have tomato sauce would be a little like saying that a dessert pie has to have apples. You can make pizza with any toppings you want! Instead of tomato sauce, you can use pesto or even just a little olive oil. The cheese doesn’t have to be mozzarella, either. Do you like gouda, fontina or gruyere? Give them a try!


Describe your dream pizza. What toppings and what kind of cheese would you put on it? Maybe we can make it together next time!